Windows\Installer folder – The worst implementation but you SHOULD NOT REMOVE

This is one of microsoft worst ideas.
Every software you install on your OS, puts it’s instller files in this directory.
Once you want to remove it, it will run the uninstall from this place.

The problem – you get Gigs of usless files in your system folder. if you’re using a SSD, it becomes a problem.

Remove this folder will not effect your computer at the moment – BUT
Once you try to uninstall a software or Upgrade the software you will find out you can’t continue b/c you’re missing the old installer files.

Microsoft office response to this situation in one of their posts – is – you need to rebuild you machine.

Can’t understand why:
a. you can’t get the installer packages from the web, instead of hogging the system drive
b. you can’t get a list of files and registry entries to delete – which is a few bytes so you can remove everything without keeping the full installer.

So – just a warning – if you delete this folder… trouble will come in the future.

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